After Years of Yo-yo Dieting, Beyonce Turned to This “Diet” to Keep the Pounds Off

What is hummus

Actress, songstress, and superstar entertainer Beyonce Knowles has amassed quite the following of loyal, dedicated, and die-hard fans since she first came onto the music scene nearly two decades ago. Since that time, the “Beehive” has grown in both numbers and solidarity. So when Beyonce recently revealed her struggles with dieting and weight, her fans were eagerly buzzing to see if Queen Bey would reveal the secret behind her svelte figure.

Surprisingly, Beyonce’s “secret” wasn’t that much of a secret at all. It wasn’t a fad diet, a brand new celebrity-sponsored supplement, or a trendy new app. Rather, Beyonce attributed a vegan diet and detox to keeping excess pounds off of her athletic yet curvy frame. Both Beyonce and her larger-than-life business mogul husband praise eating a diet void entirely of animal products as means of both detox and keeping weight off.

In fact, Beyonce claims she turned to a vegan diet to shed pounds for her role in the blockbuster Dream Girls as well as to lose baby weight after giving birth to the couples’ daughter, Blue Ivy.

The moral of the story? You don’t have to be a celebrity like Beyonce to make healthier, smarter food choices. In fact, you don’t even have to be completely vegan. However, incorporating vegan foods, such as hummus dips, fresh and spicy fresh guacamole, and classic mild salsa is a great was to add flavor without the unnecessary fat and calories.

Substituting hummus for traditional condiments is the perfect way to cut out excess fat, salt, and calories without missing a flavorful beat, and summer is the perfect time to do so. Between all of the backyard parties, events, and get togethers, it can be difficult to lose or maintain weight during the summer.

Luckily, hummus is versatile enough that it can not only be used in place of condiments such as mayonnaise — it’s great piled high on a grilled burger — but it can also be used for cooking, garnishing, or as a way to jazz up summer favorites such as a baked potato.

After all, if hummus is good enough for the Queen Bey, then it’s more than good enough for you!

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