Can Eating Nuts Regularly Help Me Lose Weight?

Phytochemicals in peanuts

Losing weight can seem like an impossible dream. You exercise as much as you can, but those extra pounds don’t seem to go away. You change your diet, but your scale still flashes the same frustrating numbers back at you. What’s a good way to keep your lifestyle changes to a minimum while still getting rid of a few excess pounds? It may help to start…small. The health benefits of nuts have been thoroughly studied by doctor and dreamer alike over the years, with quite a few positives to be had on the weight loss side of things.

They’re Chock Full Of Nutrients

Nuts are filled with vitamins and minerals, showing that great things really do come in small packages. Phytochemicals in nuts are being rigorously studied as we speak for their potential benefits on human health, but there’s more than that to take advantage of when you go shopping. All kinds of nuts, from peanuts to almonds, are home to omega-3 fatty acids, unsaturated fats and more protein than you can shake a stick at. A single one-ounce serving of raw peanuts can provide you over seven grams of protein.

They Reduce Your Appetite Without Starving You

Phytochemicals in nuts are all well and good, but what else can they offer your lifestyle? Appetite reduction is one such benefit. It’s easy to have a poor relationship with your appetite, causing you to overeat without meaning to or miss a meal when you need it least. Peanuts (and their derivatives, like peanut butter or peanut oil) have been linked to appetite reduction, making you feel full after just a few bites. It’s estimated over 90% of American households regularly eat peanut butter, so this is a benefit you won’t have to search far for.

They Taste Great In All Sorts Of Recipes

No matter how busy you are, there’s a recipe or two that could help you get through the week better than before. Nutrients in peanuts can be enjoyed on a sandwich or a stick of celery, of course, and there’s a lot of wisdom to be found in a bag of trail mix. Cooking with peanut oil can add a ton of flavor to simple stir fry. Due to its thinner quality compared to olive oil, it’s considered best for fast and quick recipes. Peanuts can provide you 15% RDI (or Reference Daily Intake) per serving.

They’re Incredibly Good For Your Skin

This is a pleasant added benefit for those that want to change their foundation from head to toe. In addition to their healthy unsaturated fats and high protein content peanuts also have a notable amount of vitamin E. This is an essential element to soft, supple and smooth skin, particularly beneficial to people who suffer from dryness or acne. You can combine phytochemicals in nuts by throwing in some almonds, pine nuts and sunflower seeds to glean the full array of positives.

They Can Help You Lose Weight

Healthy, tasty and flexible…it’s not surprising these go a long way in helping you lose weight. The healthiest nuts can make sure you’re not wanting for minerals or vitamins on your way to a slim figure, which is all the more easy to do with the recipes at your fingertips. Peanuts account for over 60% of all nut consumption in the country. Weight loss regimens are also on the rise, with the average dieter attempting and failing four plans per year. Rather than look to unrealistic standards of losing weight, gradually change your health one bite at a time by reaching for a high protein snack.

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