Do You Dare Try These 3 Types of Hummus Spreads?

Hummus recipe

Do you eat hummus on a regular basis? There are plenty of benefits to eating hummus, especially health wise. For instance, eating a diet that is rich in legumes, like chickpeas, reduces the risk of chronic heart disease. It also means a lower BMI and smaller waist circumference for those who eat healthy.

But eating plain hummus can get old fast, and even your typical favorites might get kind of tired. Here are three types of hummus spreads that you should dare yourself to try:

Spicy Hummus Dips

Sure, most people have had hummus varieties like roasted red pepper or even chipotle hummus. But there are plenty of other hot ingredients you can add to your hummus to give it a kick. From jalapeno peppers all the way to ghost and Carolina Reaper chiles, the number of Scoville units you choose all depends on your constitution. Even other ingredients like wasabi or Sriracha sauce can be used to heat up your hummus recipe!

Dessert Hummus Spreads

Hummus for dessert? You bet! Some people like to sweeten their hummus spreads up by substituting some peanut butter for the tahini. (In fact, this is a good replacement if you don’t have that sesame paste readily available!) Others are using ingredients like chocolate, vanilla, or fruit to make a delicious dip. Dessert hummus goes well not with pitas but with items like crackers, cookies, and other sweet snacks.

Some Other Savory Types of Hummus

From sweet treats like pumpkin and sweet potato to more savory fare like avocados or beets, there are a number of fruits and veggies that you can mix into your hummus. Some of these varieties may even be available seasonally at your favorite grocery store. Be sure to check them out if you can find them or try using some easy hummus recipes to make them yourself.

What’s your favorite type of hummus? Tell us the most daring type of hummus you’ve ever encountered in the comments.

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