Facts About Hummus

Recipes for hummus

What is hummus other than a dip for vegetables and pitta bread? A common question asked by people everywhere. What is hummus? Hummus is a chickpea and tahini based eastern dish originally intended as a dip for pita bread. However, since being introduced in America in the 1960s and 1970s, and gaining in popularity in the early 2000s, hummus spread has gained a greater variety of uses.

Available in a number of flavors including roasted garlic hummus dip and spicy hummus dip, recipes with hummus include pizza, stuffed chicken, sandwiches, nachos, biscuits and salads. The dish formerly reserved for health food stores is making its way through mainstream society. To make things even better, hummus calories come in at a low average of 70 calories per serving. It also supplies one percent of the daily recommended intake of calcium and is a good source of dietary fiber.

While there are still people out there asking, what is hummus, those questions are quickly being drowned out. The hummus industry has grown immensely since its popularity spike. It may not be long before hummus is as popular a kitchen item as peanut butter.

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