Forget five pound water jugsuse filtered bottleless water coolers

Bottleless water dispenser

Water coolers have been around for decades. In the beginning, before the invention of plastic water jugs and filtered bottleless water coolers, water inside water coolers was cooled using large blocks of ice. These water coolers were not low maintenance, by any means. On the contrary, they were very high maintenance, not to mention awkward and heavy.
For years, the water cooler has been the designated spot where workers like to congregate to talk and gossip. During this time, they have witnessed the installation and removal of countless five gallon water jugs. Municipal tap water supplies provided about half the bottled water that was sold to stores in 2009, as well as what was used to fill these jugs. Using government money to buy this bottled water has been prohibited in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Cook County in Chicago.
Instead of continuing to lug around heavy five gallon water jugs, home and offices should switch to filtered bottleless water coolers. With filtered bottleless water coolers, one eliminates the need to lift, spill or store five gallon water jugs. In addition, as with a filtered bottleless water cooler, a point of use water cooler eliminates the need for heavy water bottles or having to pay fees for water delivery services.
Point of use water coolers even eliminate the use of water. They do not need water because point of use water coolers connect directly to the water line. It cannot get any more convenient than that, when one does not even need to buy water. In the long run, this will save people a tremendous amount of time and money.
One good thing to think about before investing in a filtered bottleless water cooler is that unlike the kind that uses carboys of water, no one has to bear the brunt of having to move those big cumbersome water bottles. Anyone deciding on what water cooler to buy should definitely take advantage of the many benefits of filtered bottleless water coolers. Ones back and wallet will thank them.

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