Having A Weight Loss Contest

Weight loss challenge ideas

Studies have been done over the years that show that most people will put at least 7 pounds between Halloween and the first day of the new year. This is due to all of the parties that we have and the fact that most of us are stuck indoors because of the cold winter months. If you are one of these people, you’ll want to engage in a weight loss contest.

The best way in which to have weight loss competitions is to actually engage your fellow workers in a workplace weight loss competition. Of course, for this to work you’ll need to have prizes for teams and individuals to win along the way, throughout the office weight loss contest. One of the many weight loss challenge ideas that’s worked over the years for those who have given away prizes for a weight loss contest is gym memberships. These are things that people can use long after the office weight loss challenge itself is over with. Of course, you can also ask those who are joining in the weight loss contest with you what other types of prizes would motivate them to do their best throughout this competition.

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