How to Boost Morale with Candy at Work

There’s just something about candy that hits a special spot inside all of us. Maybe it’s the fact that all of use used to indulge in candy when we were younger, stuffing our bellies until we couldn’t take any more. We therefore associate candy with happy, carefree times when we had limited responsibilities, and our only job was to play. Or perhaps is the sweetness that we all crave from time to time–or even the colorful wrappers. Who knows? But we all love just the right candy from time to time. Recent studies have even shown that some candies have health benefits. So you get to have that great candy taste and get a health boost at the same time. The health benefits are just the most recent in a string of reasons people are heading to the candy store and bringing back some delicious sweets to their workplace to share. There are more than just health benefits to enjoy, however. Here are some of the top benefits to bringing candy to your job as well as some suggestions for the right candy to grab.

People will Work Better

Candy and increased productivity are rarely linked. But the fact of the matter is that candy can give youyou’re your coworkers a much needed boost during the day. Candy gives you an infusion of sugar, and if you take your time and eat it at the right pace, you can lessen the decline you feel after eating too much sugar all at once. Getting a little sugar in your system can help pep you up when your body starts to drag a little during the day. As you get close to lunch time, and the hunger pains start to prick at your belly, grabbing a quick piece of candy can help you make it to 12:00 in tiptop shape.

Candy also helps boost your overall attitude and emotional makeup, and this can be a true benefit when the workday is starting to get you down. As we mentioned at the outset, candy is something we crave, enjoy and relish for various reasons, some of them psychological. Infusing a little bit of this into the workday is a fantastic way to give everyone at the job a little extra pep to break up a monotonous or stressful work experience. In addition, employers that give their employees candy are likely to be seen as thoughtful and caring. Getting candy is also often interpreted as a reward. So when candy is given to employees the benevolent action may be interpreted as not just a thoughtful gift but as an act of appreciation for a job well done. This can result in a boost in employee morale that can further result in higher productivity at the workplace.

Which Candies to Get: Keep it Neat

Candy is an amazing source of fun and enjoyment, but it can also be an amazingly difficult thing to clean up. If an employee or coworker enjoys the wrong kind of candy in the wrong way, he or she may spend more time trying to clean it up than eating it. This could negate much of the benefits of the candy in the first place. Before you go to the candy store, think about candy that can help prevent this from happening. Some have success with gourment candy, gourmet lollipops, gummy candy or mints. These tend to cause less mess. Going to the candy store and coming back with candies like these won’t tarnish your office hero status with an unsightly mess afterwards. Now, a trip to the candy store would be incomplete without a little chocolate in your goody bag. Shoot for chocolate that is less likely to melt in the people’s hands or on their desks. Small pieces of chocolate are usually eaten quickly, so try to find those in the candy store, so they can be consumed and enjoyed in a simple bite or two.

Get a Variety

There are different strokes for different folks, so try to get a variety of candy. Look for different textures as well as flavors. You can also take orders and go out and come back with everyone’s favorite. In the end, have fun with your candy shopping, and enjoy the treats!

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