How To Get Steak Delivery

Steaks online

Sometimes it’s easier to get really nice cuts of steak whenever you order steak online. However, steak delivery by mail requires that you package it properly and ship it in a timely fashion. Only then will you be able to ensure that the meat is safe to eat once it’s been received. It is for this reason that an online steak company has to meet the United States Department of Agriculture meat packaging regulations for safety. Part of these regulations state that the packaging itself must be marked to let the shipping service know that it contains perishable goods so that they can take special precautions in order to keep the meat cold while it’s being shipped.

How exactly is steak shipped whenever you buy steak online? First of all, the steak is placed inside of a freezer bag, which is then placed within heavy foam or a corrugated box that is then placed within the shipping box itself. The steaks online company will then place either dry ice or frozen gel packs on top of the corrugated box, making sure that they don’t touch this with their bare hands. The box is then sealed with shipping tape, wrapped with 2 layers of brown paper, marked as perishable, with a note to keep refrigerated and the steak delivery can now occur. Typically the package will be sent overnight to its location to ensure that the steak delivery is both safe and of high quality.

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