How to Keep Enjoying Ice Cream in the Winter

Frozen dessert cups

One of the great things about ice cream is that it is so versatile. It can almost fulfill any need. It doesn’t have to be ice cream, it could be frozen yogurt, gelato cups or even a smoothie. There’s just something so satisfying about a nice big cup or bowl of frozen goodness. Now, this might not appeal to you so much in the winter time because we spend most of the season trying to get warm but you’d be surprised at how pleasant ice cream can be as a dessert even when it is cold outside. Here is how you can enjoy ice cream in the winter.

In Hot Chocolate
This is no ordinary hot chocolate and ice cream. This is the perfect blend of Christmas and summer. Take a scoop of peppermint ice cream and put it in a glass with a handle or a mug. You can also use two or three scoops if you prefer. Then, make your hot cocoa according to Grandmother’s famous recipe. Pour over the ice cream and top with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cinnamon stick and enjoy.

With Pie
One of the best ways to enjoy ice cream during the cold months is to pair it with a piece of warm pie. Any flavor works; cherry, apple, pumpkin or whatever you prefer. The key is that the pie should be warmed. This will cause the ice cream to melt a little bit so that it won’t seem so cold and the flavors will soak up nicely together. You could even have it with some hot fudge cake to make your own sort of sundae.

Holiday Flavors
If you are a true holiday fanatic, then you can get ice cream in all of the different holiday flavors. You don’t have to stick to the regular peppermint and pumpkin spice. Butterscotch, salted caramel, eggnog and gingerbread are some other available flavors that you might want to try. They will get you in the holiday spirit of things without having to forego your nightly ice cream indulgence.

While this is typically a food that you might find at a county fair, fried ice cream is quite delicious all year around. It provides a satisfying crunch to the dessert. If you eat it fresh, the fried parts will still be buttery and warm and the ice cream melted and drinkable. It really is quite delightful.

In Baked Apples
You can either bake the apples or eat them raw, depending on the type of flavor you are going for. Raw apples hold together better but baked apples will give you more of an apple pie type experience without the crust. You can make this by scooping out the inside of the apple and replacing it with ice cream of your desired flavor and caramel sauce.

With Apple Cider
Hot apple cider, to be precise. You can make this dessert in a very similar fashion to how the hot chocolate is made. The best ice cream flavors that go with apple cider are gingerbread, caramel variations and vanilla. Once that is in the cup, you can pour your heated apple cider over the top and enjoy an apple cider float.

If you don’t want to have the intense chill of ice cream but want the flavor, try blending it up with fruit in order to make a smoothie. Bananas and strawberries go great in smoothies but you can experiment with whatever fruit you want. If you want to add some nutrients, you could throw in a teaspoon of maca powder or a scoop of protein. While the ice cream isn’t exactly healthy, it can provide a delicious way to take other nutrient supplements that might not be so flavor filled.

However you decide to eat it is up to you. This article is merely designed to show you that you can still enjoy your favorite ice cream flavors in the winter. It doesn’t have to be put on pause. You may not want to go for a walk in the park and eat it, like you might during the summer but there is still a time and a place for it. Like sitting by your fire place in a heated home.

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