If You’re Looking for a Unique Restaurant in Your Area, Why Not Try a Sushi Bar?

Seafood platter

Are you looking for a unique restaurant to take family and friends to dinner? When burgers and fries get boring and you’re looking for some of the top cuisine in the world, why not try a sushi bar?

Like other seafood restaurants, sushi restaurants serve a variety of fresh seafood prepared in different ways. Although most people associate sushi with raw fish, sushi can actually be prepared raw, cooked, or with just vegetables. In fact, the name “sushi” refers to the vinegar rice used in sushi rolls, not the fish itself. Another common misconception is that all sushi is wrapped in seaweed, or nori, which not everyone likes the taste of. However, in the United States and throughout the world, sushi is also wrapped in soy paper, cucumber, and egg; others contain no wrappers at all. In short, a sushi bar will offer plenty of dining choices for everyone in your party.

Why are sushi bars such unique restaurants? For one, they offer a variety of foods that can also fairly healthy. A typical tuna roll, for instance, has only 184 calories; a Nigiri roll, which comes with a piece of fish on top of it, has about 350 calories. Most meals out in the U.S. come with oversized portions and a ton of calories, so a sushi dinner is a better option for those who are watching their diets. Many of these restaurants also offer vegan and gluten free options for those with dietary preferences or restrictions. For those who don’t want sushi rolls, many of these restaurants offer soups, tempura-fried dishes, and other Japanese foods.

In addition to the menu choices, many sushi bars also offer in-restaurant entertainment for guests. Some have special guests or performers; others allow guests to watch how the sushi is made by either sitting near the chefs or watching the process via a live feed over TVs. And some sushi bars are just that — bars — and cater to the 21 and over crowd only. These locations can provide a great location for a night on the town or a romantic dinner for two. With food and entertainment in one place, how can you go wrong?

Next time you search for a unique restaurant experience in your city, be sure to look to your local sushi establishments. Make sure to ask about the ingredients used in the sushi rolls and other dishes to make sure they’ll be appropriate for your diet, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone if you’re able to. Have questions about going out for sushi? Leave a comment below. For more information, read this website.

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