The importance of physical therapist continuing education

Physical therapist continuing education

Different states have different requirements for licensure but almost all of them require board certified physical therapists to have physical therapist continuing education. For most states the physical therapist continuing education is required for license renewal. For the licensing board of the different states, the physical therapy continuing education courses are mandatory so that physical therapists in their state meet the standards of the practice. This ensures that all physical therapists and physical therapist assistants continuously receive education so that they provide quality care within their scope of learning and within the current standards of their practice. It is also required so that the state is ensured that practitioners have current or valid license that are equivalent to optimum care that patients will receive from the practitioners.

At the same time, the continuing education physical therapy ensures that the physical therapists are at breast with the latest developments in physical therapy and medical science. Since physical therapy is continuously evolving and being improved, just like the other medical fields, it is important that physical therapists are kept knowledgeable about these advances and developments. Thus for any professional physical therapist, a physical therapist continuing education is important as well as mandatory. Physical therapy continuing education courses are offered by colleges and universities that offer physical therapy degree.

Physical therapist continuing education is available across the country. Some of the physical therapist continuing education is in the form of seminar. These are generally sponsored by different organizations. They have speaker who specialize in specific aspects of physical therapy or experts in fields that are related to physical therapy. Usually the conferences are offered in series. These physical therapist continuing education course are equivalent to continuing education units, also known as CEUs. For states that require physical therapist continuing education for the renewal of license, the physical therapists must meet the required number of units or CEUs. For example, if the state requires 2.4 units or CEU for two year period, the physical therapist must need to attend several physical therapist continuing education courses to complete the required CEUs. Now, for a day long physical therapist continuing education conference the equivalent CEU is usually .6. The physical therapist then would have to attend 4 day long course or seminar within the two year period.

Depending on the course, some continuing education course or conference is about specific problem or issue. The experts then offer ways to solve the problems or issue. The problems may range from clinical to policies to administrative and other problems that physical therapists meet in their practice. Different organizations including government organizations conduct annual conferences that are equivalent to physical therapist continuing education course. However, for those who want to learn about specific topics or enhance their knowledge, the courses are available from several educational institutions.

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