What Is the Best Diet for Dogs With Allergies?

On the YouTube Channel, Rodney Habib, in a video called “What Is The Best Diet For Dog Allergies”, discusses the best diet for dogs with allergies. They studied manufactured pet foods processed at very high temperatures and raw food. They discussed Nurti Genomics, a study of pet food and how it can change the blood and genes in the body so that the dog’s body can heal.

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In the study, they analyzed different manufacturing processes and how dog food was heated at very high temperatures.

They found that dog food heated at very high temperatures provided little nutrition to dogs and often caused allergies and poor health. Their study found that if you serve your dog processed food, adding 20% raw food to its diet will help with allergies and other health issues. In the study, raw food had more nutrition and was more effective at healing skin allergies in dogs and promoting health than high-processed dog food. The best diet for dogs with food allergies is a combination of 80% processed food and 20% raw food. This will improve your dog’s health by providing the nutrition needed to heal skin allergies and other health problems.


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