What You Need to Know About Micro Green Varieties

Micro greens recipes

In the 60’s and 70’s, a counter culture was launched in America that directly opposed many mainstream ideologies and thoughts. In simpler terms, a culture was created around the scene of punk music and many teenagers rebelling against what their parents tell them to think and do in relation to the world around them. This is important to start with because it helps to explain why and how we have arrived where we are today.

Think about the culture of modern day America. There are so many counter cultures that exist in America that people are much more open to. For instance, more than ever there are interracial couples that date whereas before that was viewed as a rarity. Even more so, people even rebel against the mainstream thought process in terms of what they eat and consume.

Understand that vegetarianism, veganism, and micro green varieties are a way of life for many people in not just America but across the planet. There are a ton of reasons as to why this has developed and become so popular. Now that I have gotten one reason out of the way by explaining counter culture ideology, let us discuss the rising popularity of veganism and micro green varieties.

If you want to make your child happy in terms of how you put together their plate of food there is a way to appeal to their sensibilities. This includes 6 food colors and 7 different food components, which children prefer as opposed to 3 colors and 3 food components which are what adults typically enjoy. There are currently 100 different types of common garden flowers that are not only edible but also palatable.

If you want to keep your micro green varieties in good condition make sure they are stored at an optimal temperature of 4 degrees Celsius or 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Micro green varieties may seem like a new concept or idea but they have in fact existed for nearly 20 to 30 years already. Edible flowers, herb crystals, true leaves, and even sugar flowers are all ways in which vegetarians counter the balanced diet of a meat eater.

A scale ranging from 1, poor, to 5, excellent is how micro green varieties are subjected to a rating. They are very marketable as a product because visually they are believed to be attractive and good looking. People obviously prefer to consume foods that they deem looks good as opposed to food that looks absolutely repulsive to them. Upscale restaurants make up about 10% of all United States restaurant sales and that is because people now like to eat at these places that sell micro green varieties.

In just the past year alone the number of customers going to these types of fine-dining restaurants went up 3%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also called the BLS, released information revealing that households with incomes of $100,00 or more comprise 36% of all the total spending on food away from home.

People love micro green varieties and all of the healthy alternatives to meat and bad foods that they can find. Now more than ever people really care about not only what they put in their bodies but also the treatment of animals. The average fine dining cost per person in the U.S. amounts to $28.55. You can save money by getting the right food and simply eating at home.

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