Where Do You Go When You Want to Eat Really Great Mediterranean Food?

You are really looking forward to this summer. Your older daughter graduates from college the first weekend in May; your younger daughter graduates from high school at the end of May; the first two weeks of June you are going to be eating the best Mediterranean food; and you and your spouse will celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary the third week in June.

In an effort to celebrate all of the milestones in your family this spring and summer, the four of you have been planning the trip of a life time. Everyone agreed to go an entire year without birthday and Christmas gifts because you are looking forward to one final family vacation together. Now that your older daughter will be starting an Accelerated nursing program her free time will be very limited, so this trip will be a special one.

The girls have plans to spend time on the beach, your husband has time to visit several historical sites, and all of you are looking forward to eating authentic and healthy Mediterranean food.

Are You Hungry for the Best Mediterranean Food in the Area?
Fortunately, you do not have to take a once in a lifetime trip to Greece to enjoy great food. In fact, there are many cities where you can find great Mediterranean salads, falafel restaurants, and extensive Mediterranean catering menus. From the main dishes to the favorite starters, there are a number of Mediterranean items that can make your next meal, outing or party a tasty success.

Did you know, for instance, that while hummus is only featured on 14% of all menus nationwide, it is an item featured on 75% of Mediterranean menus? It is also encouraging to know that even though it is very tasty, Mediterranean food does not have to be expensive. For instance, the average price of Mediterranean entrees across America is $7.48. With lots of fresh ingredients, this type of food can actually be quite healthy and filling.
Whether you are looking for Mediterranean food in Houston or you are fortunate enough to travel to Greece on a dream vacation, it is also important to allow yourself to try a variety of foods to make sure that you really get a taste for what this culture is all about.

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