Why We Need To Use Less New Wood Products Here In The United States

The use of wood is commonplace all throughout the country, for everything from flooring to wood paneling to wood tabletops. Wood is an incredibly durable material, after all, able to last for as many as 100 total years (if not even longer than that) before needing to be replaced, though only when cared for as it should be. For many a household, wood floors are particularly ideal, so much so that more than half of all prospective home buyers will actually pay more for a home that has wooden flooring throughout, if not just in a part of the home and not in its entirety.

Of course, we use a lot of wood. In the United States alone, more than three trillion board feet of lumber have been milled over the last century or so (closer to the last 120 years, at the current date). This lumber has been used in many different ways, from the purposes of various aspects of construction to even just home design. With the rustic design scheme still quite trendy all throughout the country, it’s really no surprise that more and more people are looking to incorporate it throughout their home, from wood siding to wood tabletops. Even some places of business like restaurants are incorporating this scheme of decor in as well, as can be seen through the use of wood tables for restaurants.

But using new wood all of the time is not always beneficial for the overall health of our planet, not here in the United States and not all throughout the world as a whole either. After all, up to 30% of all waste accumulated at any given construction site will be wood waste and wood waste alone. This problem is only likely to continue on if we don’t put a stop to it, especially considering how long it takes for hardwood trees to reach maturity – oftentimes as many as 60 years and no fewer than 20 years, meaning that simply replanting the trees that we cut down is not a viable solution if it is the only solution that we can come up with.

Fortunately, the use of recycled wood is one the rise. After all, data points in this direction, showing that more than two and a half million tons of wood pallets were recycled in the year of 2015 alone, a number that has likely only continued to grow in the years that have transpired since then as well. These wood pallets can be repurposed in many different ways – and can even be transformed into furniture! Of course, simply recycling wood pallets for their original uses is commonplace as well, and is a great way to improve our usage of such things and to lower how much waste we are producing on the whole.

For many people, buying reclaimed furniture is another great way to reduce their overall environmental footprint here in the United States. And, from the reclaimed wood table top to the reclaimed wood seat to even the reclaimed wood siding, reclaimed furniture truly comes in all shapes and sizes. The reclaimed wood table top has become particularly common among households all throughout the country, as a reclaimed wood table top is likely to be quite beautiful indeed. You’re likely to be able to get a reclaimed wood tabletop at a relatively reasonable price and, in addition to this, get your money’s worth from your reclaimed wood table top, as the average reclaimed wood table top will last you for quite some time indeed.

The average reclaimed wood table top can even be used in the typical restaurant setting, as reclaimed wood table tops will come in many different sizes. A reclaimed wood table top can be found in many different types of wood, perfect for adding just a little bit something extra to the average home, place of business, or eating establishment. All in all, the use of reclaimed wood, be it for a reclaimed wood table top or for reclaimed wood paneling, is hugely important not just here in the United States but truly all throughout the world as a whole.

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