Your Coffee with Creamer and Your Earth without Overflowing Landfills

White disposable coffee cups

For some people, it is very difficult and in fact nearly impossible to get going in the morning without a cup or two of coffee. A good go to for many who are looking for a pick me up, coffee is also a favorite for many who simply enjoy the taste and experience of a good cup of coffee. There are several cultures that tend to revolve their social interactions around gathering at a local cafe, chatting and catching up over coffee. The delicious bean based drink has the power to awaken and empower as well as to gather and socialize. Enjoyed a vast variety of ways, the tasty treat is preferred by countless individuals worldwide, sipping on it just the way they like it.

How do you take your coffee?

Every coffee joint has its regulars, the customers who keep coming back because they can’t get enough. Whether it is the best coffee in the area, the best service, or a combination of those factors and more, you will often see the same coffee drinkers frequenting the same coffee spots. One of the best feelings is popping in for your coffee and having the smiling face behind the counter recognize you, greeting you and already preparing your coffee exactly how you love it, as they have already memorized your order. About 65% of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black, while 35% like it with sugar and creamer of some sort. And around 150 million people across the country indulge in specialty concoctions such as lattes, espresso, cappuccinos, or iced coffees. Some request their coffee in a very particular way but still add extra sugar or creamer. People tend to be creatures of habit, and sometimes those habits are bizarre or are created out of interesting circumstances. But whatever ignites that need for extra creamer or a sprinkle of chocolate on top of the foam, seeing the differences in people’s coffee orders can be rather interesting.

How do you take your planet?

Human beings have been enjoying coffee for hundreds of years. It is enjoyable to consume, it helps with alertness and concentration, and one study even suggested that it can help deter Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The study reported that drinking three to five cups of coffee every day can assist in the prevention of the cognitive decline that can so often come as a person ages. These all seem to be positive factors that are associated with coffee, but the popular drink has negative impacts as well. Think of all the coffee accessories at your favorite shop. From lids to stirrers, cups and spoons, many places serve their coffee with devastating amounts of plastic. Making socially conscious and environmentally responsible decisions in every area of your life will help to stop and even reverse the awful damage that our species has caused to this beautiful planet.

Choose a coffee shop where the owners and employees also value the environment and are aware of the profound impact each of us can have on it. Wooden stir sticks for coffee and paper coffee cups and lids help to diminish the egregious amounts of plastic that we continue to deposit into overflowing landfills and choking seas. It is our duty, as the caretakers of the planet that is home to so many other species, to take a stand and take steps that will reduce the negative environmental impact we have already had on the earth.

There are major movements activating all over the world to push for environmental protection. But these movements often move too slowly, as they are pushing up against powerful politicians and leaders who are content to let the world fall to pieces. This is why every single human being must make it his or her mission to treat the earth as kindly as possible, making every decision a conscious effort to build a better world. And the best part about it is that you can take these steps as you’re adding a bit of creamer and sugar to your delicious coffee.

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