4 Great Ideas For Your Wedding Menu

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So you?ve gotten engaged. Congratulations ? you?re about to start the rest of your life with the person you?re meant to be with. Now comes the tricky part: planning a wedding. And as you?ll quickly discover, the hardest part of planning a wedding is providing food. With many people opting for places like vineyards, ranches, and farms for their dream weddings, professional catering services are growing in popularity, providing great food with or without the availability of an onsite kitchen. Special event catering services offer the best wedding menus; they can work with you on your vision, while at the same time offering professional hints that can save money and improve you and your guests? overall experience. That being said, here are some options to consider for your wedding.

1. A Light Hors Doeuvres Menu

The hors doeuvres menu can be a surprisingly complicated thing for brides and grooms to decide upon, acting as the bridge between the ceremony and the main meal. Some shorter, pre-dinner weddings make the hors doeuvres menu the main event, food-wise. Either way, know that fatty, creamy dishes are no longer in style. Cocktail hour snacks should be small, like antipasto skewers or mini lettuce wraps. Some bride and grooms also favor the idea of late night snacks around 10 p.m., often choosing slider bars.

2. ?Going Green? With Your Event Menus

One of the most popular recent even catering ideas is ?going green?. More and more, people are concerned with green options for their food; many weddings have vegetarian and vegan guests as well, and it?s important to accommodate their needs. Brides and grooms would be wise to choose at least one option that is organic and sustainable, to suit every guest and, ultimately, make their wedding a bit more eco-friendly.

3. Working With Your Caterer On Allergies

Speaking of guests? specific needs, good caterers know how to handle all of them. What you need to do when planning your wedding is letting them know. Should any of your guests have allergies, or religious dietary requirements, you can alert your caterer and have him or her adjust those meals accordingly. Your whole menu doesn?t have to be changed ? just a few plates here and there.

4. Explore Alternative Cake Options

The tiered wedding cake is indeed a classic ? but it can also be very expensive, and many brides and grooms have reported choosing it more out of obligation than because they actually enjoy cakes. This is your wedding. Do what?s right for you, and not simply what everyone else expects. Recent trends have cupcakes, cake pops, crepe cakes, macarons, and pies taking the place of traditional cakes. These options are not only unique, but less expensive, and can often reflect the happy couple?s personalities.

Whatever you choose to do for your wedding, know that there are caterers ready to help you make it the best day of your life!

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