Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable Take Care of Younger Guests

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Most weddings have more than 100 guests, and despite extensive planning, the success or failure of a reception can come down to a few important details. Having space for guests to hang up their coats, planning entertainment activities for the children, and making sure that tents and chairs are properly secured in case of rain or high winds: these are the details that can make — or break — any wedding.

About one-third of weddings have a buffet for guests at the reception following the service, while another third of weddings host a seated dinner with a more formal service. Sometimes, having extra chairs on hand and placing them near the dance floor can delight older guests, while giving children a place to rest in between dance numbers.

Some wedding planners recommend planning separate activities for children: an average-sized bounce house can hold up to ten kids at a time (or four adults) and are becoming popular for outdoor wedding receptions when the hosts know that children will be in attendance. For younger guests, a supervised nap area can allow friends and family members to stay later and to enjoy the festivities more thoroughly.

While some weddings focus more on food, having an extensive dessert selection can be an enchanting end to a magical evening. Chocolate fountains are designed to deliver guests a never-ending flow of chocolate, which they can dip fruit, brownies, or even wedding cake into and then enjoy. Children are mesmerized by chocolate fountains, and photo opportunities abound when wedding receptions include fun, family-friendly details.

To keep the kids occupied during cocktail hour, some wedding planners recommend that hosts set up a kid’s area and show movies while adults have time to talk and to socialize. A few chairs, maybe a small tent to keep little heads out of the sun, and kids should agreeably watch movies until it is time to eat dinner.

Weddings and other large events succeed or fail based on the level of the hosts’ preparation and attention to detail. For hosts who expect more than a few children in attendance, setting up separate areas for kids’ recreation and including some fun and memorable kid-friendly activities should allow everyone to have a wonderful time.

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