6 Things to Remember When Planning a Menu for Weddings

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Planning a menu for weddings can be a stressful and time-consuming ordeal for even the best event planner. Of course the bride and groom should have the final say for no other reason than that’s just what they want, here are some things to keep in mind if you’re trying to pull-off the perfect food foray:

    1.) Theme?: Many couples opt for a themed wedding of some kind. Tropical, country, Harry Potter. Whatever the case may be you might want to have event catering dishes that compliment the scene.

    2.) Leftovers:Most times when you even good caterers you won’t get to keep them. Unless you agree on it beforehand don’t assume you’ll get to take the leftovers, or you’ll leave unhappy and hungry.

    3.) Buffet vs. Plated:It will almost always be cheaper to go the pre-plated route. The negatives of course being less variety/flexibility for your guests. If keeping the cost down is important go with the plates. Uncle Tony will survive without 4 helpings of mashed potatoes.

    4.) Snack Bar:More and more weddings are incorporating a snack bar of some kind into their late-night/evening plans. Depending on what time the actual meal is at, most guests will be hankering for something later on. And besides any menu for weddings needs something to soak up all the alcohol.

    5.) DIY:If you’re someone that loves the idea of do-it-yourself and loves the thought of forcing it upon your loved ones even more, think about a DIY bar! Salsa, tacos, and ice cream are just a couple of the potentially infinite things you can pay someone else to bring in and make your guests create.

    6.) Know Yourself, Know Your Worth:Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses going in to this process. Some people just aren’t cut out for it, and in that case don’t be afraid to hire professional catering services and allow them free reign to create the menu.

The best wedding menus
may not share any dishes, food, or beverage options, but they have similar qualities. Familiarize yourself with the different aspects and decisions you will encounter before you get started to avoid potential disaster. There is no specific formula menu for weddings should follow, just guidelines for a successful way to plan one.

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