7 Ways to Make a Better Cup of Instant Coffee

It is no secret that people across the globe love their coffee. Coffee had such an impact on the world when it was first developed that several cardinals in Rome went to the Pope and asked for it to be banned. Historians have found that prior to the development of coffee, the normal beverages people had before going to work were beer and wine. Productivity went want up after workers made the switch to coffee in the morning. While mix coffee had not come around just then, it was developed in the 1890s. Not everyone likes this version but there are things you can to do make a tasty cup of hot mix coffee.

To do this, you will need:

  • Water: You can use water from your tap or filtered water. This is really just up to you and depends a lot on what your local water tastes like.
  • Good mix coffee: The better the ingredients, the better the coffee. Ingredients are important for more than just pizza.
  • Dairy or non-dairy creamer: you do not have to have this.
  • Sweeteners: You can use natural sugar, artificial sweetener, or something else altogether if you want.
  • Flavors: some people use creamers that are flavored. Others use syrups or extracts. Add what you like.

The stepsandnbsp;to take to a great cup of mix coffee:

  1. Get good mix coffee. This is such an important point that it bears repeating. When looking for this kind of coffee, look for ones that have been “freeze-dried.” They are more authentic and taste the closest to freshly brewed coffee. If there is no label, look at the consistency. You are better off with granules than powder. Spring for a more expensive brand. With instant coffee, this can make a big difference.
  2. Heat up some fresh water. If you have a kettle that has water in it already, dump it out. You cannot hope to make a decent cup of coffee with stale water. Some people recommend running the water through a home filtration system to remove any impurities that can affect the taste. If you need to, you can put a cup of water in your microwave and heat it up that way.
  3. Follow the instructions that came with the mix coffee. That means, the first time you try a brand, follow the instructions for how much of the mix coffee should be added to what amount of water. Now, this will be a “trial and error” sort of thing. You may like your coffee stronger and weaker and can play around with the right amount. Trying the brand’s instructions first can give you a good jumping off point.
  4. Add a bit of cold water before the hot. If you add just a little bit of cold water, just enough to dampen all of the mix coffee, and then add the hot water, your cup of joe will be smoother.
  5. Do not worry so much about your hot water’s temperature. Unlike with ground coffee, when you add water to instant, the flavor is already baked in, so to speak. That means that the water temperature should just be whatever temperature you most prefer.
  6. Add your creamers, flavoring, or sweetener. Of course, you do not have to add anything to your cup of coffee if you prefer it to be black but the time to add the extras is after the hot water has been added. Please note that cream is better at hiding bitter flavors than milk.
  7. Play around with the proportions. As with many things in life, the road to the best cup of mix coffee does not have only one route. You may find that your tastes change over time and that while for some time, you may enjoy cream and vanilla extract, at other times you may not want that. You can have some fun with mix coffee as you make it stronger or weaker, and add different things until you make what you like the best.

Many people are very particular about how they like their coffee served and made. Some people will never come around to using mix coffee and that is really too bad. These tips can help make instant coffee taste really, really great.

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