Add Beauty and Flavor to Your Cake with Edible Flowers

Edible candy flower

Using edible flowers for cake decorating is an easy and simple way to add a touch of simple elegance to the presentation of your cake. Edible flowers and plants are commonly used for as decoration for wedding cakes, but can be used for all occasions as a way of enhancing the aesthetics of your cake. If you’re looking for a unique, natural way to decorate your cake for your next event, consider using edible blossoms.

You may be wondering what flowers are edible. While there are a number of beautiful flowers, not all are safe and fit for human consumption. Common edible flowers for cake include roses, Easter and tiger lilies, orchids, daisies, petunias, and pansies.
Each of these flowers have their own unique qualities that can be used to create a chic, cohesive look. Edible flowers for cake decorating can be used as part of an existing theme, and color coordinated accordingly. Or, they can stand out on their own.

When using edible flowers for cake decorating, it’s important to have a vision on mind of the desired result you’d like to achieve. This will help you select which flowers are best suited for your cake. It’s also important to choose edible flowers that are durable, as some varieties of flowers cannot withstand much time out of water and may wilt. Regardless of the kind of flower you decide on, it’s best to add them to your cake as close as possible to serving time in order to ensure the highest quality presentation.

There are several ways in which to decorate your cake. You opt to use only the petals of the flower, or serve each portion with a single, expertly placed flower. Or consider using sugared or candied flowers. This enhances the beauty of the flowers and also adds a touch of sweetness.

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Experiment with different flower types until you achieve your desired results. Edible flower are incredibly versatile, and possibilities are endless in terms of creating beautiful arrangements.

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