Three Delicious Recipes Using Your Favorite Southwestern Salsa

Different types of salsa

When you think about salsa, chances are you think of the classic mild salsa dip. You know the one: chunks of supple tomatoes, soft cooked onions, just a touch of heat from the chilis, and a nice hit of acid from the acerbic citrus juice. There’s no doubting that this classic version can be delicious, but why not expand your horizons?

Of all the different types of salsa, southwestern salsa is doubtlessly one of the favorites in my house. Smoky chipotle mingles with the sweetness of fresh kernels of corn to give new life to what many see as a boring, all too ubiquitous sauce. As an added bonus, southwestern salsa recipes can be easily adapted to make some of the most delicious meals around. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few recipes with salsa dip of the southwestern variety to convince you.

Three Scrumptious Dishes That Call for Classic Southwestern Salsa Recipes

  • Build a Chili Out of Your Salsa
  • If you’ve ever made chili, you know that there is considerable prep work involved. You have to dice the tomatoes, cut up the onion (and hope you don’t cry), and soak the beans overnight. Using southwestern salsa will help you avoid much of the prep. Simply toss a can or two of your favorite southwestern salsa recipes into your crock pot and go from there. Remember, salsa is mostly tomatoes, onions, and chiles. You’re just starting from a pre-made version of this base, with the tasty addition of corn.

  • Use the Salsa Like a Chicken Spa
  • Pillsbury suggests using your favorite southwestern salsa as a spa for chicken. Place chicken thighs and wings into a large glass casserole. Submerge the chicken in salsa and cover the contents of the casserole with a healthy layer of shredded queso fresco. Pop that bad boy in the oven at 400 degrees for half an hour. The salsa will serve to flavor the chicken, while simultaneously keeping it nice and moist.

  • Give Some Much Needed Color to That Green Salad
  • It’s no secret that eating more green salad can do wonders for your health, but it’s also no secret that most green salads are too bland for their own good. Fine Cooking suggests solving the problem with a healthy dollop of your favorite smoky, salty southwestern salsa dip. The salsa juice will serve as a much healthier, fat free salad dressing, and the “meat” of the salsa will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

What are some of your favorite recipes using salsa? Share your tasty ideas with us in the comments below.

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