Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Several Dishes of This Favorite Dessert!


Were you aware that the most ice cream is produced during June? Do you know why? Because July is National Ice Cream Month!

Even though people enjoy their ice cream throughout the year, having a special month provides even more cause for celebration. There’s also a National Ice Cream Day, which falls on the third Sunday of July.

Since you’re no doubt aware of this festive occasion, chances are that you’re going to order custom ice cream cups and other dessert supplies, such as ice cream spoons. Since 90% of American households indulge in ice cream and other sweet, frozen treats, that’s going to amount to quite a few custom ice cream cups and spoons.

The International Ice Cream Association member companies conducted a recent survey. The results showed that vanilla continues to be the flavor that 28% of their consumers reach for. Every year it seems that new flavors appear, and yet simple, old-fashioned vanilla still reigns.

It’s likely that a few new flavors will be introduced right before or during National Ice Cream Month. When you consider all of the current flavor varieties, it will be interesting to see and taste what’s next.

The NPD Group conducted research and found that in any given 2-week period, 40% of people in the United States will enjoy a dish of ice cream. Throughout this year alone, however, it’s been estimated that the average person will have ice cream 28.5 times. While some ice cream lovers may indulge more often during the warmer months, it’s not unusual for people to invoke summer throughout the year with a dish of ice cream.

Thanks to United States dairy farmers, there’s more than enough milk to create ice cream and gelato! Roughly 9% of the milk they produce goes into creating these decadent frozen desserts.

Whether you’re planning to celebrate with ice cream each and every day of July or just on the third Sunday of the month, be sure to think of America’s dairy farmers. Thanks to their contributions, Americans can indulge their taste buds with luscious ice cream every day of the year.

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