Coffee Shop Etiquette


Coffee shops are a popular destination for writers, artists, study groups, and dates. There’s something magical about being in a coffee shop — the scenery, the ambiance, and the conversations that take place. While a cafe can be a great getaway from the busy hustle of daily activities, some people take advantage of the shops. When customers are just there to use the free WiFi all day after buying a single cup of coffee, it can be sure to put the staff in a bad mood. If you’re a customer at a coffee shop, be sure to follow these few simple etiquette rules to ensure everyone has a positive experience.

  1. Buy something. Depending on how long you plan to stay, you should make a purchase every hour or so. The price and quantity of your order should reflect the time you’re spending in the shop. You don’t want to be that dreaded customer who sits at a large table by themselves all day drinking a glass of free water.
  2. Mind your manners. Talking to the barista, whether it’s to ask if it’s alright to use the WiFi or ask for some extra coffee stirrers, will show you’re respectful of the establishment and don’t want to overstay your welcome. This was also help you get a feel for how the coffee shop is run and what you can and can’t do.
  3. Keep your noise to a minimum. Do not play your music out loud or sit there talking on your phone for hours. Bring headphones to minimize your distractions to other customers. If you need to talk on the phone, go outside. Coffee shops are for conversations, but not for other people to listen to you talking on the phone or skyping.
  4. Choose an appropriately-sized table. If you’re by yourself, don’t sit down at the largest table in the cafe. If you’re planning on doing work, try to find a corner spot, out of the way, and don’t occupy any more space than you have to. Avoid spreading your stuff out across multiple chairs and tables. And if someone asks to share the table or use a chair, let them.
  5. Clean up after yourself. While coffee shops can give off that comfortable feeling associated with being home, remember that you’re not at home. In any public place, you should clean up after yourself — even if the employees come around and clean up after customers. Throw out any empty cups or used coffee stirrers and wipe up any spills. It’ll show you have respect for the business and its employees.

So remember, mind your manners, throw out your coffee stirrers, and don’t overstay your welcome. Coffee shops are a place where people can come together and enjoy a nice cup of coffee during their hectic day — don’t ruin that for them or yourself.

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