Why Renting Out Venues Is The Best Recipe For A Successful Party

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Renting is all the rage nowadays. Not convinced? Your wallet might be. When you have a dozen events or special occasions to tend to in a year but only so much cash to spend, it pays to have good resources on standby. Catering events and venues are there when you need to throw together an elaborate spread and still maintain your sanity. This can be for a friend’s wedding, a corporate party you’ve been planning for weeks or a birthday party with a little extra flavor. In a short? Renting has you covered. Get caught up on how to save money without sacrificing quality by checking out the short list below.

Keep Your Wedding Glamorous

Did you know over 44,000 weddings take place every weekend? As you can imagine, wedding venues are in high supply. The average number of guests at a wedding is 165 or so and, according to a 2016 Real Weddings Study, the most popular months to get married are October and September. It’s common for 25% of the catering bill to be devoted to alcohol if you want an open bar reception, though it’s important to remember that many venues don’t actually provide a liquor license. Keep your head in the game and you’ll have no problem creating an event that’ll be remembered for years.

No Party Is Complete Without Catering

Maybe a wedding is the furthest thing from your mind and you just want to make sure your office event goes off without a hitch. Corporate events are more common than ever as people try to balance work and play to counteract the stress of a busy week. Team building exercises are well-known for helping employees feel more connected to their job — a recent Gallup study revealed employees could boost a company’s productivity performance by an impressive 200% compared to their more disengaged counterparts. Team building venues that put a pep in everyone’s step? Just rent it out!

Need Venues? No Problem

What other purposes do venues serve? You name it. They can host baby showers, birthday parties and seasonal events, just to name a few. Over $122 billion is spent every year in the U.S. meetings industry alone and it’s thought over two million weddings are performed in roughly the same time span. Sometimes less! This is good news if you find yourself unsure of how you’re going to start piecing everything together. Venues give you the ability to rent out rooms, hire staff and even get advice on decorating and creating delicious spreads.

Do’s And Don’ts

Keep your shortlist on hand so you don’t run into any trouble on the way. Any and all catering should be handled by professionals so you don’t have to worry about potential food poisoning or allergic reactions during what should be a fun night. Alcohol should be accompanied by designated drivers and easily accessible taxi services to keep everyone safe, of course, and any questions you have about what else catering companies have to offer should be done well in advance. You don’t want to miss out on any specials or discounts!

Let Venues Sweep You Off Your Feet

Beautiful wedding or team building excursion, venues can handle everything and then some. Catering companies are familiar with all the little efforts that go into crafting the ultimate get-together and can make sure you keep your head above water as you set up decorations, send out invitations and manage your budget. Over 18 million events and meetings are organized in the United States every year and people are really starting to see the benefits of outsourcing help when their budget is tight. Got a cluttered calendar?

It’s nothing venues can’t handle.

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