Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Little Getaway Place

White paper cups

Most people have that place in their neighborhood or the neighborhood down the way, where they go to get away from everyone and everything for a while. That little getaway place for coffee or maybe some hot soup in the winter months is your place and that is just fine.

First of all, you are not alone in this. Recent statistics show that Americans drink, on average, one and a half cups of coffee every daily. People are, and have been for centuries, drinking coffee on a regular basis. You are not the only one who needs their daily joe.

But you need more than that. Sometimes, and it might not be regularly, you want to leave your troubles behind and find a nice coffee house that does things just right. Their coffee and scones are the best, and their hot soup just makes your mouth water from thinking about it.

When you find this little gem of a place, you love the opportunity you have to try something new each time you go in. You can have your coffee regular and black or you can try something with espresso in it. If you find a really good independent coffee shop, the espresso-based drinks they sell will make up about 31% of their drinks menu. Most places also have limited food menus with things like sandwiches, chips, and hot soup. Independent coffee shops take in a rather hefty $2 billion in sales annually. They must be onto something.

You go into your favorite spot to get away from maybe the pressures of your day, maybe the pressures of home life, whatever. The thing you are the most thankful for is that it is there in the first place. Maybe you are a writer and you want so badly to write something that anyone will read and be taken by. So, you spend your afternoons, whenever you can get away, at your favorite independent coffee shop. They know your name and have your drink started as you are coming in the door from out of the rain.

Yu have some casual chat and then it is off to your favorite table in the corner that has the outlet plug right next to it. It is a rare occasion to see anyone else sitting at your spot, but once in a while, it does happen. But, no worries. You always have a couple of backup spots because this is the place where you are going to finish that novel if it takes forever.

Whether you finish or not, today all you care about is a few minutes to yourself. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, more people should find their special place. It sure would make the world a better one.

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