The Current Honeybee Colony Losses and Their Implications

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Honey bees are an interesting insect. They provide us with a source of sweetness that is used in a variety of different foods. The popular sweetness of honey is also currently at risk. The honeybee population has significantly declined over the last couple of years. If they continue to decline, they will be at risk of extinction. Without honey bees, we would lack the important food of honey. You can help increase the world?s honeybee populations by creating your own honeybee colonies and producing your own sources of honey.

Important honeybee supplies

Choosing to manage your own colony of honeybees requires some preparation and research. You will need specific honeybee colony supplies, such as a beekeeping gloves, a bee holder, and honey transfers. Starting out with a beekeeping kit may be the best option. The kit will provide you with all of the basic tools, as well as instructions on how to begin your own colony. In 2014, there were an estimated 2.7 million honeybee colonies in the United States, a number that is tracked by the USDA. You can help in raising that number by purchasing your own honeybee kit.

Improvement of additional crops

When you choose to control your own honeybee colony, you are not only helping out the honeybee population. You are also helping with the growth of many others types of plants and helping to increase additional insect and animal populations. Bees are pollinators, and are responsible for cross pollination, which helps at least 30% of crops and 90% of wild plants thrive. All of these wild plants are an extremely important part of our ecosystem. Starting your own honeybee colony can also significantly benefit your local farmland.

Increase human consumption products

Probably the biggest consumer of honey products is humans, especially those in the United States. Americans consume about 1.3 pounds of honey per person per year. That is a lot of honey! Humans consume honey in a variety of different ways, including raw organic honey, honey candy products, and honey bears for sale. Many plants specifically specialize in bulk honey for large chain restaurants and suppliers of distributing grocery stores. When you control your own honeybee colony, you are also helping out the U.S. economy by continuing the important production of these raw organic honey products.

Importance of natural honey sources

If the honeybee populations decrease much more, manufacturers will be forced to create alternative sources of honey. These honey products will be created with artificial ingredients, the same ingredients that have been proven to be bad for the health. Raw organic honey, on the other hand, provides many health benefits for the consumer and is why it is currently a multi million dollar industry. Without honeybees and colony control, Americans will lose the health benefits of raw organic honey and will be forced to consume artificial ingredients.

Control of the ecosystem model

The honeybee is actually a very important part of our ecosystem. Many researchers and scientists believe that if the honeybee becomes entirely extinct, that it will affect other parts of the ecosystem. It could throw off the balance of the planet and the established system entirely. The extinction of the honeybee could lead to extinction of other animals and plants, further affecting the foods and plants on our planet.

Honey is a preferred food of many Americans. In fact, we consume so much honey as a nation that millions of honeybee colonies are needed to fill the demand. Yet, the world?s honeybee populations are currently at risk of extinction. Honeybees provide many more benefits than simply producing raw organic honey. They provide us with numerous health benefits, pollinate thousands of nearby crops and plants, are an important and necessary part of our ecosystem, and provide us with a variety of sweet honey consumable options. Purchase your own honeybee keeping kit to help increase the world?s supply of honeybees.

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