Where Do You Buy the Bread Your Family Eats?

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The four photos in your sitting area adjoining the kitchen in your home get a lot of attention. Although the prints are the same size and they are matted and framed exactly the same, the four photos of your daughters cooking and baking are very different.
Two of the photos are of your older daughter. In one, she is peering into a large measuring cup and whisking eggs for a cake that she is preparing to make; the other shows your aproned daughter carefully icing an upside down sugar cone and turning it into a Christmas tree. The pictures of your younger daughter also involve cooking of some sorts. One photo shows your younger daughter at the age of four using a rolling pin to prepare cookie dough for the eventual cookie cutter work. The apron she is wearing is a little too big, and you remember that you used a couple of clothes pins to cinch up the extra material in the bag. The other picture of the youngest baker is of her taking a break while her treats are in the oven. She is using a straw to blow through to create a tower of bubbles in a glass bowl.
These photos, although they are the ones framed and showcased, are just the tip of the iceberg. Photo albums in the family room are packed with photos of your daughters and their baking endeavors. From birthday cakes made crunchy from all of the sugar sprinkles that are in the frosting between layers to the piles of pancakes and crepes that have been made for breakfasts at your home, it was clear from an early age that both of your daughters truly loved to bake. For this reason, you really are not surprised that the two girls have recently opened a local quality bakery that sells artisan breads, as well as cupcakes and cakes for a variety of celebrations.
Quality Bakery Products Can Create an Immediate Following
Remember that first bread bakery in town that offered warm samples to their customers? Those samples were huge, and they came either with or without butter, and they all tasted delicious. In fact, it was at that point that your realized that breads from a quality bakery were a whole different level than the loaves of bread that you typically bought at the big chain grocery store. In fact, once you started serving fresh bread to your children you literally spoiled them from ever eating a store bought loaf again.

If you have grown up on homemade bread, it is difficult to settle for the product that is cheaply sold from most of the bread shelf space at the grocery store. And while a few local bakeries have made their way into a few inches of shelf space that is otherwise filled with products from large wholesale bread suppliers. The secret to knowing how to make a good bread is in understanding the tradition that is involved and, even more importantly, in understanding how the ingredients interact with each other.

  • Breads that are leavened were invented almost 7,000 years after flatbreads. some quality bakeries actually offer both kinds.
  • Essential to all kinds of bread, yeast is a single-celled organism that feeds off of simple sugars.
  • The Food and Drug Administration recommends that adults eat six to eleven servings of carbohydrates, including bread, a day.
  • The production of commercial yeast is attributed to ancient Egyptian bread makers around the time of 300 B.C.
  • Everyone has a favorite bread. For some, it is a specialty recipe that was available at the quality bakery around the corner from the home where you grew up. For others, it is a grandmother’s recipe for something very specific, like a tasty and sweet banana nut bread.
  • Real bakers understand that wheat flour is often the most popular flour used for bread, because it has two different proteins that form gluten.

  • Bakeries that also specialize in regional favorites are popular choices for families who are looking for a bread that is the more flavorful and hearty.
  • Recorded around 1500 B.C., ancient Egyptians were the first civilization on record to use sourdough.
  • Eating bread is a great way to get your necessary carbs.
  • A bread baker often has two or three real specialities.
  • Did you eat bread today?

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