Five Great Lunch Ideas To Add Some Fun To Your Office, Holiday Or Birthday Party Spread


Thinking of throwing a fun party? You’ll need some fun ideas.

Food commercials are always throwing around the words ‘fun sized’ and ‘fun for the whole family’, but what does that actually mean when you have an event to organize and dozens of people to please? Barbecue is a tried-and-true American tradition that’s enjoyed during family gatherings, holidays and office parties alike. Not only do you have plenty of delicious meats and vegetables for everyone to enjoy, the food is easy to eat and even easier to make. If you’re throwing a birthday party or an office party and think comfort food is the way to go, keep reading and brush up on how to make sure your event is a success.

You Gotta Have Ribs And Wings

Now, now…fun food was never said to be mess free! Ribs and wings are a staple of American barbecues for a reason — they’re delicious and a great way to keep both your hands and mind busy as you wile away the strain of the day. Make them spicy with a bevy of different seasonings or add a thick sauce to get people licking their lips well before they sit down. Type in, “Great ribs near me” and find yourself a catering service with a hot menu to offer. Make sure to pack extra napkins!

Try Some Kebabs On For Flavor

If ribs sound a touch too messy, shish kebabs are a fine replacement. These combine the best of meat and vegetables in one handy package, able to be grabbed and tossed onto plates without worry of sticky fingers. This is a particularly apt choice for office parties where people are just as worried about their clothes as they are about having a good time. Add some peppers or pineapple for an extra flavor kick or keep it to the traditional assortment of button mushrooms and zucchini to whet the nearest classic appetite.

It’s Not A Party Without Good Drinks

The best for last? As far as some are concerned, drinks are where it’s at. These don’t have to be alcoholic (though that is certainly an option for adult-only events), just refreshing and readily accessible as soon as people roll up to the party. Coffee and tea are staples everywhere you go, so pick these if you’re starting to run dry on ideas and don’t want to let people down with plain water. For those that want to shake things up more? Non-alcoholic margarita and smoothie-type drinks aren’t bad for summer events. For an autumn theme try cold or hot ciders.

Don’t Forget About That Sweet Tooth

Seeing a pattern? A good event should be pretty well-rounded when it comes to the food spread so everyone has their proverbial itch scratched. Sweets are at their best when they’re themed with the season, providing a nice compliment to the weather and giving your menu a touch more life than if you had gone purely generic. Cake pops are as cute and fashionable as they are tasty, so pick a bundle of these for your spring-themed birthdays and baby showers. Worried about summer? Go for something cold like a snowcone or frozen yogurt.

Check Out A Catering Service For Convenience

Why stress yourself out unnecessarily? Catering services are designed to give you what you need and then some, freeing you up to spend your time meeting with people and getting your relaxation on. A holiday party, a birthday party or an office party all have the singular distinction of having a lot of expectations to meet, so looking up catering in your area will see your scheduling looking a lot neater than if you had gone solo. They’ll offer you a good menu, provide additional silverware or napkins and make sure your food is hot and ready.

Fun food? It’s not just for kids anymore!

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