Is Moderate Consumption Of Alcohol Actually Good For You?

Growler keg

There’s nothing like a can of cold beer to wash away the work week.

The new year is here and with it comes a slew of holidays and birthdays. If you’re thinking of a special gift for a friend but haven’t shaken things up in a while, consider looking into gifts that’ll encourage the weekly habit. Not only are these a great way to add to those end-of-the-week parties, they can be reused over and over again instead of a one-off novelty purchase. A stainless steel beer growler can be taken to large gatherings, while custom growlers can make a great addition to any decorative shelf.

Each country boasts its own brewing history. You have sake in Japan, fermented milk in Kazakhstan and Russia’s classic vodka. Perhaps the best known in the West are German beers, bearing a proud and long history of wheat beer and dark beer varieties. The United States sees nearly 15% of Americans drinking beer on a weekly basis, with consumers over the age of 21 consuming 27 gallons of beer and cider per person throughout 2015 alone. The American craft beer market is worth nearly $24 billion and small breweries represent an impressive 12% of the overall market share.

There’s nothing saying a friend or family member more interested in spirits can’t benefit from a stainless steel beer growler. One of the best elements about alcohol are all the delicious varieties it comes in — one night may necessitate a few martinis, while another wouldn’t be complete without a classic six-pack. The best beer growler is able to be easily carried from place to place as well as provide a decorative aspect to any kitchen countertop or bedroom shelf.

Alcohol, when consumed in moderation, also boasts beneficial properties for both physical and mental health. A study conducted back in 2001 published in the National Institutes Of Health’s journal found that people who drink in moderation are actually twice as likely to exercise weekly than those who don’t. Compare this with a recent study provided by The Center For Disease Control And Prevention stating just 20% of adults get their daily recommended amount of exercise.

A common boost to your health is drinking a glass of wine a few times per week. Red wine, in particular, has been closely associated with encouraging multiple long-term health benefits. This includes reducing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, providing your immune system with healthy antioxidants and staving off early instances of stroke. The health benefits of beer are only continuing to be studied, with moderate beer consumption being linked with reduced stress, better cholesterol levels and improved bone density.

Seasonal beer can be paired with your stainless steel beer growler to compliment your friend or family member’s tastes while giving your gift a special touch. Summer-themed beers include hard lemonade and very hoppy lagers, while autumn-themed beer should lean more toward dark ales and hard ciders. A recent Gallup poll found nearly 45% of legal drinkers vastly preferring beer over wine and spirits, but don’t let that control your decision. A stainless steel growler or double wall growler is only as good as the person who buys it.

The year is still fresh. Make sure you and your friends have a drink on standby.

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