The Impacts of Corporate Cafeteria Food Service In the Modern Business Environment

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As businesses look for great ideas to propel their operations, food service management is one of those important strategic decisions that have a direct impact on your business. Hiring a corporate cafeteria service provider allows your organization to focus on the most important part of the business and leaving the experts in charge of the food service management.

These are two main benefits of outsourcing corporate cafeteria vendor for your company

1.Direct Financial Benefits
Cost savings is one of the tangible benefits corporate cafeteria companies bring to organizations. Companies look to maximize their profits, and corporate cafeteria management service is that tool that can be used to control administrative costs and increase your company’s profit. In most cases, it’s relatively cheap for your company to outsource cafeteria services than to run one. Apart from the eliminating the costs associated with hiring employees to work on an in-house company cafeteria, it also saves you on the time it would take to recruit and train those employees.

Like any other business, corporate cafeteria companies have a structure led by an onsite manager or supervisor. This manager oversees day-today operations and is in charge of all wage and salary, remuneration, training, promotion, employee recruitment and replacement. The manager is also tasked with managing employee time off, leaves, holidays and among other employee management functions. This increases your company’s senior executives productivity by allowing them to focus on the primary business functions

Additionally, the laws and regulations governing food production and management are strict and seemingly dynamic. Hence the need for hiring an outside party whose work is to be updated when the laws change, saving your organization valuable resources in terms of time and money. Ultimately, you’ll be minimizing both company liability as well as commercial liability insurance premium costs.

Other than saving on hiring and training costs, corporate cafeteria companies can help your company reduce its overall food cost. And this is easily achieved considering that most cafeteria vendors serve other clients too, hence taking advantage of bulk buying power. Something that your company would find difficult if it’s running an in-house cafeteria that has to factor smaller food volume.

2.Employee Satisfaction
An article by Glassdoor, a jobs and recruiting website, states that about 57% of people agree that benefits and perks are their top considerations when looking for a job. Benefits are also important when it comes to employee retention, and any organization that has an enticing benefits package will most likely have satisfied employees.

Another survey by Glassdoor reports that 79% of employees would really appreciate additional benefits than receiving a pay raise. And while there are many ways to make your employees feel motivated and satisfied, an on-site cafeteria with employee’s interest, safety, and hygiene in mind can be the perfect perk. Employees would expect nothing less than a place that offers convenience, variety and healthy menus at reasonable prices.

Corporate dining is a sure way to improve employee morale, this in turn, improves their productivity and the success of your company. A corporate cafeteria offers your staff a place to unwind during snack and launch break, allowing them to meet and interact with fellow peers. This helps to relieve feelings of isolations often experienced by employees and helps nature a positive company culture that is all-inclusive.

The society we are living in today is cautious of health and wellness matters, and more emphasis is being put foods that offers nutritional values. On an ordinary work day, employees will eat once or several times with the addition of drinks and snacks. Therefore, it’s crucial that employees are served with healthy meals and a myriad of menu choices to satisfy their individual appetites. A healthy diet means that employees will have enough energy to push on through the day while at their level best. It also means that their general health is in check which translates to low individual medical costs and fewer off sick times for your company.

If you are considering the services of corporate cafeteria companies, there are several factors to consider. But the two mentioned benefits will help you make an informed decision about the cafeteria provider for your organization.

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