Get your Plastic Spoons Ready for The Latest Scoop on Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts!

You know why your store needs to keep a constant inventory of plastic spoons and other ice cream dessert supplies available year round. There could be a blizzard outside and some folks will go out for ice cream. In fact, in any two-week time period, you can expect 40% of Americans to fulfill their craving for a frozen sweet treat. In our great country, 90% of the households consistently will find a way to regularly satisfy a craving for ice cream, gelatos, frozen yogurt and other frozen treats. That’s a lot of plastic spoons digging into a lot of frozen desserts!

Here are the cold facts for your consumption:

-Even though there is a year-round demand, the production of Ice Cream peaks in the month of June right when the hot weather brings out the ice cream lover in all of us.

– Six Billion quarts, that’s 1.5 Billion gallons, of ice cream and similar style frozen treats are produced every year in the United States. Again, that takes a lot of plastic spoons and paper ice cream cups to eat all that up.

-Just under 10% of all the milk coming from dairy cows in America is used to make Ice Cream.

-Despite all the new and adventurous flavors being created these days, our favorite flavor to choose to scoop is still Vanilla (Source: International Ice Cream Association), with Chocolate coming in at Number 2.

-Our plastic spoons aren’t just for ice cream. When we get hungry for frozen yogurt, we can find them in 2,582 stores in the U.S. that are specializing in the sweet treat.

-Here’s an out of this world fact: Nasa surveyed astronauts to determine what foods they missed the most while out in space. Ice cream was in the top three along with pizza and soda.The astronaut ice cream everyone has heard about actually was only used for one mission.

-While we generally eat ice cream with plastic spoons, profession ice cream testers will use a gold tasting spoon, because it won’t leave any trace of previous flavors and varieties that were sampled by the taster. For most of us though, the plastic spoons work fine,

1776 is not only the year of the founding of our country but is also the year the first ice cream parlor opened in America. Truly, a Declaration of Deliciousness!

-California takes top honor as the state that annually produces the most ice cream in the country,

-July is National Ice Cream in America. Raise your plastic spoons and ice cream cups in salute!

Now that we are filled with patriotic pride and excitement over Ice Cream, make sure you’re stocked up with ice cream supplies like cups and spoons from Uniq. The copies and spoons are not only stylish but are also eco-friendly, even the plastic spoons, so you can love your ice cream and the environment at the same time. . They have other supplies as well. Whether ice cream gelato or frozen yogurt, you’ll be stocked and ready to keep your customers the frozen desserts they love.

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