The Verdict Is In You Need to Add More Nuts and Seeds to Your Diet

People who want to help their bodies fight against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer should consider adding nuts to their diet. Research from Harvard has found lower incidents of these common diseases in people who eat about two servings of nuts or seeds every day. Wondering how this simple addition to your diet can improve your health? Read below for the amazing benefits of nuts and seeds.

The Amazing Benefits of Nuts and Seeds.

The most common nut consumed in American households is the peanut. About 90% actually eat peanut butter regularly. People often eat foods cooked in organic peanut oil. The great thing about nuts and seeds is that while all varieties provide health benefits, each type offers slightly different benefits.

The Nutritional Value of Nuts: Should I Worry About the Fat?

Nuts sometimes get a bad rep for being high in fat. Although dietary fat is not as vilified as it once was, many adults are still hesitant to embrace it wholeheartedly. But the advantages of peanuts, of macadamia nuts, of pepitas seeds, and so on lies in their fat content.

Does It Matter If It’s Whole, Raw, Salted, Blended, Or In Oil Form?

While whole, raw nuts are usually considered to be the best form in which to eat them, other forms are okay too. Even organic peanut oil has some health benefits, though of course it is best to eat whole foods. For example, a single serving of raw shelled peanuts has over seven grams of protein, and nearly 2.5 grams of fiber.

How Can I Add More Nuts And Seeds to My Diet?

Adding more nuts and seeds into your diet to meet the recommended serving is easy. For organic peanut oil, just switch out your common vegetable oil when frying or sautéing foods. Add hemp seeds or pepitas seeds to your salad along with dried cranberries for a delicious treat. Toss in some cracked walnut pieces into banana bread or chocolate chip cookies.

The many varieties of nuts and seeds can be a tasty addition to any diet with the aim of improving your health. Try to get two servings in each day as part of a healthy nutrition plan. Eating healthy can be delicious and easy.

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