Got A Friend Who Loves Beer? Here Are Some Good Beer Gift Ideas For Their Next Birthday

The weather may be getting hotter, but our appetite for a delicious, cold beer has yet to go away. If anything, spring and summer brings with it an all-new craving for the latest local brews.

For those that have events and birthdays just around the corner, you’re likely wondering as to what new present you can offer to one-up the one from last year. Look no further than a personalized growler. Able to slot in perfectly at any party or get-together, these are designed to hold enough drink to satisfy plenty of dry throats. Custom growlers can even come with additional items like the growler pressure cap and a growler tap to deliver a truly unique experience. Before you start considering which beer gifts will suit a loved one best, learn more about the state of the beer industry today and why more people are getting in touch with their favorite brew.

Alcohol is a staple of human history. It’s been found in thousands of cultures over thousands of years, taking on the form of aged wine, now-obsolete brewing methods and modern microbreweries. Some countries boast their own particular variations, such as the rice wine of Japan and the Imperial Stout exported from Northern Europe. Just like coffee and tea, the type of alcohol that speaks to you says a lot about your personality, your culture and even your lifestyle. People who love to party may find themselves gravitating to light beers, while those actively seeking out a boost to their health may add a cup of red wine to every other meal.

More Americans than ever are turning to alcohol to shave off stress and connect with others. According to recent studies nearly 15% of Americans will drink beer once per week. Collectively? American consumers over the age of 21 consumed nearly 30 gallons of beer and cider per person in 2015 alone. The personalized growler is just a symptom of a larger shift in culture that’s coming to more deeply appreciate the benefits of beer growlers and local microbreweries. Not only is beer tasty and diverse, it can even boast mild health benefits when taken in moderation.

Alcohol has quite a few health benefits for those looking to reduce stress in their lives. Moderate consumption of alcohol, such as two beers with dinner or an occasional cup of red wine, has been found to significantly lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. There are other ingredients found in most beers that can even see diabetes and harmful cholesterol held at bay. This is, of course, only possible with responsible drinking. A 2016 Gallup poll found nearly 45% of legal drinkers prefer beer over wine and spirits.

When you gift beer containers or a personalized growler you offer your friend a means of reconnecting with their favorite variation. This is because beer isn’t just a drink…it’s one of the most vibrant food-related industries in the country. Small and independent craft brewers represent an impressive 12% market share of the general beer industry, with over 85% of all beer in the country domestically produced. Today the American beer market is worth nearly $24 billion. As if you needed more benefits to choose from, you can enjoy supporting local businesses on your list of positives.

The best beer growler should compliment your friend or family member’s taste as well as the season. In fact, the change in the weather can be the biggest factor for many. Over 80% of craft beer consumers, thanks to a recent study, like to choose their beer depending on the season. Dark ales and pumpkin variations are popular in winter, while a hard cider or lemon shandy makes a great fit for warmer weather. Back in 2015 the number of operating breweries in the United States grew by 15%, exceeding well over 4,000 breweries in all states.

What could a personalized growler do to spice up your next event? The best gifts for beer lovers are thoughtful additions to a healthy lifestyle.

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