Getting Creative With Hummus Recipes

Classic mild salsa

Hummus. Not only is the word itself fun to say (go on, say it to yourself) it’s also incredibly good for you and is packed with protein rich chick peas, vitamin E rich ground sesame seeds (tahini hummus dip), and the powerful antioxidant and antiviral properties of fresh garlic and lemon juice.

Once considered an exotic, foreign food that was limited to the diet and health food section of grocery stores, hummus dips have now become staples of American cuisine. Long considered a staple in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisines, hummus as begun to gain so much momentum that is on par with condiment mainstays such as ketchup and mayonnaise.

In fact, hummus has become so commonplace that some view it was boring. If you’re feeling a bit “hummus’d” out, why not get creative with different recipes with hummus spread? It’s an excellent way to add additional flavor while maintaining the health benefits hummus is famous for.

There are a variety of recipes with hummus spread that can be catered to suite your personal taste. For example, if you enjoy bold, spicy flavors, why not experiment adding a honey habanero combination to the traditional hummus base. Simply saute fresh habanero peppers (be sure to wear gloves while preparing them as these peppers are extremely hot) in extra virgin olive oil with fresh garlic, onion, and a touch of raw, organic honey. The rich sweetness of the honey will help to offset the habanero’s heat while accentuating the flavor of the other aromatics.

Milder recipes with hummus spread such as basil pesto hummus still pack a bold, flavorful punch but without the heat. Simply blend fresh basil, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and coarse ground pepper into a food processor until the desired consistency is reached and add to a plain hummus base. Voila! Kale, rich in antioxidants and iron can be substituted for basil for an earthier flavor.

If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, the internet and social media is an excellent resource for finding information about flavor combinations and food pairings.

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