Three Unconventional Recipes with Hummus You Won’t Believe Exist

Roasted garlic hummus dip

Hummus has long been popular as a staple in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, but like with every kind of food these days, many people like to modify recipes with hummus to try something new. From fusing the dish with ingredients from Asian cultures to adding sweets into the mix, there are many different types of hummus spreads that you probably have yet to try.

If you’re feeling brave and want to add new life to this dish, here are three unconventional hummus recipes you can start with:


From mild to scorching, peppers of all sorts are a great additive to hummus. Today’s most popular spicy hummus dips are often made with chipotle peppers, but you can go hotter or milder as you see fit when you make your own. You can measure how hot a pepper will be by looking at the Scoville units of the pepper, which will tell you how hot it is. Using something like roasted red peppers puts you at the milder end of the scale with zero Scoville heat units; the hottest pepper on the planet, the Carolina Reaper, has over two million such units. Use extremely hot peppers with caution.

Hot Sauce

Thanks to the internet, the popularity of the Thai hot sauce Sriracha has exploded in recent years. It is commonly eaten with pho, seafood, or other Thai dishes. However, it can also add some kick to your hummus. You can make your own easy hummus recipe and add Sriracha to the mix, or you can stir it into your store bought plain hummus. If you’re not a fan of Sriracha but still want to add some spice to your hummus, try using another type of hot sauce or some wasabi paste, which comes from horseradish.


Perhaps one of the most unconventional recipes with hummus is the addition of sweet flavors. This turns hummus into a dessert in addition to a versatile snack. Some people, for instance, will make hummus with peanut butter instead of tahini. You can also add anything from chocolate to coconut to other flavors to your hummus.

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