Hosting a Party? Consider Using Guacamole As Part of Your Refreshments

Classic guacamole

Do you have a big social function coming up? Perhaps you’re hosting a “March Madness” party, or maybe it’s just a small gathering of old friends. Whatever the exact reason, for the get-together, you’ll want to make sure that you have appropriate refreshments. In the case of a more informal party, you may want to consider recipes with guacamole.

In fact, simple and fresh guacamole dips may be ideal. They tend to be crowd-pleasers, and they’re versatile. Recipes using guacamole can be paired with tortilla chips and vegetables. If you want, you can even have finger foods such as mini-sandwiches with a spicy guacamole dip as the spread.

Additionally, avocado–the main ingredient in guacamole–is considered a “superfood” and as such is incredibly healthy, particularly when compared to ranch, blue cheese, and other creamy dips. You can either choose to go with classic guacamole recipes or you can add different ingredients to give them a different flavor. For example, you may want your guacamole to have more of a piquant flavor. Perhaps you have favorite spices that you would like to incorporate.

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