How Did Guacamole Get So Popular? And Where Did It Come From?

Greek yogurt dip for veggies

Sometime in the last 10 years, a simple dish has swept across the nation’s taste buds. Yes, we’re talking about guac, bro.

Just how popular is guacamole? It would be difficult to overstate just how deep guacamole penetration has gotten over the past few years. While popular dips like salsa, nacho cheese, queso, vegetable, ranch, and french onion have been popular for decades, only recently has guacamole become a national staple.

Perhaps it’s part of a broader widening of the American palette. After all, hummus only recently jumped from niche ethnic cuisine to one of the most popular snacks and appetizers in the country. Now every supermarket has dozens of different flavors of hummus. So too has the availability and diversity of quality guacamole spread across this great nation.

Why Has Guacamole Suddenly Become So Popular?

You can chalk up the success of guacamole to four factors:

  1. It’s friggin’ delicious, bro!
  2. The increasing popularity of Tex Mex and Latin American cuisine
  3. The ease of most guacamole recipes
  4. The invention of fresh guacamole dips in grocery stores

Most importantly, obviously, is the fact that guacamole is just awesome. And while a handful of cilantro truthers might beg to differ, those people are clearly insane. Second, unlike other kinds of dip, guacamole is relatively simple to make at home, requiring only a handful of ingredients for basic recipes.

Finally, as the dip has grown in popularity, food companies have responded by creating new fresh guacamole dips, often included in the produce section of grocery stores. Unlike regular dips, these guacamole brands come in rectangular cardboard boxes and clear plastic pouches, which sets them apart from other garden variety dips.

So where did the dip of the gods come from? Most people are surprised to learn that the tasty dish can trace its roots all the way back to the Aztecs, who were eating the dip in the 1600s, but probably many centuries earlier. And barring a major apocalyptic event, we’re confident in saying it will be enjoyed by people all over the world for centuries to come. Find out more at this site.

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