3 Reasons to Replace Unhealthy Snacks With Greek Yogurt Dip

Basil pesto hummus

Snacking is one of the great American pastimes. As a country that loves foods of all kinds, what better way to enjoy the plethora of different options available then to eat small amounts in between bigger meals throughout the day? The obvious downside of course is that a majority of the foods Americans choose to snack on aren’t very healthy, and in many cases are actually quite unhealthy.

Fortunately, things like hummus and Greek yogurt dips have become more and more popular over the last few years and are a great alternative to things like chips and southwestern salsa dips, sweets, or processed goods of some kind. Here are three reasons to choose Greek yogurt dip for your next snack time.

    1.) High In Protein: Probably the most unique and talked about benefit to Greek yogurt dips is the high amounts of protein they contain. Many brands feature amounts of as much as 20g of protein per serving size (usually about one cup). Protein is a vital nutrient, especially for those looking to gain muscle and get stronger. It’s also perfect for throwing a scoop into a post-workout supplement shake to give you an added boost of protein, calcium, and probiotics that will aid in digestion health.

    2.) Low In Fat: While it’s high in protein, Greek yogurt dips are very low in fat content. In fact, all-natural Greek yogurt veggie dips have 67% fewer calories and 88% less fat than the leading sour cream dips. It’s great for eating with vegetables, especially for people who may not like the dull taste of them plain. Nine out of 10 Americans don?t eat enough vegetables each day, including nutrient-rich beans. It’s important to eat the right amount of vegetables every day, but if you’re doing so by drowning them in fatty dressings it’s not going to help much.

    3.) Overall Versatility: Perhaps the most useful benefit of Greek yogurt dip is the fact that you can use it in a variety of ways. Sure, you can eat it plain, but you can also add fruit, granola, oats, or other things into it. There are also plenty of recipes that you can use it in place of as a healthier alternative to things like sour cream. Pancakes, chicken, and mac and cheese are just a few of the more creative options you can find with just a quick Google search.

On average people eat about one cup of vegetables per day, and only about half the recommended amount of beans per week, or less than one cup. Greek yogurt dips can be a great way to increase your likelihood of eating more of the things that will benefit your health, just like the Greek yogurt itself will.

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