Don’t Be Vanilla How to Turn Your Cups for Ice Cream Into a Branding Tool

Paper ice cream cup

It is estimated that the average American eats ice cream about 30 times a year. To put that into perspective, 9% of all milk produced in the United States is used to make the 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream made each year. Ice cream is a staple of American culture. With so many potential customers out there, it’s important to set yourself apart from other local shoppes.

As a business owner, taking advantage of any and every opportunity to develop branding is key. Whether you’re an independent shop owner or part of a chain, it’s important to draw in more customers as well as retain the ones you already have. Aside from outstanding customer service, branding is a great way to do this.

While it may not seem obvious at first, it’s imperative to create and develop a look and feel for your business. A great way to set yourself apart from competition is to use custom cups for ice cream. It’s imperative to draw your customer’s attention to your product and make them think about it. Most consumers won’t think twice about plain white styrofoam frozen dessert cups. But if you use personalized ice cream cups, complete with bright colors and a slogan, the customer is more likely to pay attention to the cup and what it looks like.

Considering how popular ice cream is in this country, customers have most likely been to a dozen different ice cream shoppes without thinking twice about them after leaving. If you force your customers to stop and think for a second, you’re much more likely to stick with them after they leave. With brightly colored spoons and custom cups for ice cream, customers will be more likely to engage. It’s as important for your product to be different as it is to be delicious.

Would you consider customizing your ice cream supplies? Do you think it’s a waste of money or a good marketing strategy? Sound off in the comments below!

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