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Micro orchid

Microgreens are the shoots of tiny vegetables that usually are harvested directly after the first leaves begin to sprout. They are used generally for visual presentation but also for flavor enhancement. These edible plants can be used to enhance the look, taste and freshness of a dish.

These little foods are kept up to a very high standard. They are rated on a scale of one to five and anything under a three is said to be unmarketable.

Let’s look at some uses for microgreens.

  1. Adding microgreens to a salad is a perfect use for them. While they can definitely enhance the flavor and taste quality of the salad, they also add color and visual stimulation.
  2. Microgreens can be used to top anything; roasted veggies or pizza and anything in between.
  3. Another way they can be eaten is added to sushi and even put inside a sandwich. While it may alter the flavor of the food entirely, it will be a welcome change!

Mircogreens have been around for more than 20 years, being used by fine dining restaurants all over. Now they have become available for the average person to buy. What flowers are edible? Well, there are many many edible flowers but just to name a few: Alium, basil (the flower not the leaves although the leaves are a common spice), arugula (again, you have heard of the leaves, but the flowers themselves are also edible), carnations, chicory, cilantro flowers, citrus and sunflowers. Sunflowers actually can have the petals eaten and then the bud may be steamed and eaten much like an artichoke.

Mircogreens vary as well from wasabi, mint lime and tangerine to radish, mustard dijon and cucumber.

Edible flowers are most often used for salads as well but also in cocktails. Some edible flowers can be mixed in well with rice and egg dishes as well as a vinaigrette dressing.

While microgreens can tend to have a strong flavor but not overwhelming, edible flowers actually contain a very powerful and unique flavor as well as texture and visual appeal. The petals come in so many colors they can be very appealing to everyone. These are especially good when feeding children. Children like six different colors on their food plate and seven different components whereas adults prefer three colors and three food components. Below is a list of ten pretty foods that can be made with edible flowers.

  1. Scallops with orange and ginger
  2. Bouquet popsicles
  3. cupcakes
  4. Zucchini blossom fritters
  5. Chive flower and cucumber salad
  6. Lavender honey grilled chicken
  7. Strawberry hibiscus tea
  8. Violet macaroons
  9. Cake
  10. Blueberry lavender cookies

So, as you can see edible flower and microgreens can be used in many, many foods to make them delicious and beautiful.

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