How to Enjoy All of the Flavor of Traditional Mexican Food without the Fat

Recetas para navidad

One of the biggest benefits of the increasing Hispanic population in the United States is the wider availability of Hispanic food. Whereas before you’d be lucky if you could find something as simple as arroz con pollo, now you can find everything you could ever want, from tamales to empanadas. Needless to say, recetas de comida from a wide variety of Hispanic nations are taking the States by storm. And why not? Classic recetas de comida, like tres leches cake recipes, are known for being flavorful and filling.

With that being said, as the American Heart Association warns, Hispanic food, particularly that from Mexico, can be quite fattening. Many traditional dishes are deep-fried in lard, feature red meat, or use a lot of queso. Does that mean you shouldn’t enjoy your favorite recetas de comida de Mexico? Absolutely not.

Four Tips for Cutting the Fat out of Mexican Food

  1. Stay Away from “Mexican” Restaurants
  2. So-called “Mexican” restaurants in the U.S. are extremely popular, earning $31 billion a year in revenue, according to IBIS World. While nobody doubts that these restaurants’ cheese and fat-filled iterations of Mexican dishes are delicious, nobody should doubt how bad they are for your heart and body weight. Cook your favorites at home; you’re guaranteed to trim off a lot of fat if you do.

  3. Place an Emphasis on Fresh, Veggie-Filled Food
  4. It should be no surprise to you that food made with fresh ingredients, particularly vegetables and fruit, typically have a lot less fat in them than others. Take ceviche, for example: this classic dish is made of fresh seafood, vegetables, and vinegar, all of which have very low fat content. As an added bonus, vinegar-filled foods, like ceviche, block and burn fat, according to Fox News Latino.

  5. Make Smart Substitutions
  6. Sometimes, dropping the fat content of your favorite recetas de comida is as simple as substituting healthier ingredients. For instance, if you’re making chile con queso, try substituting lower fat cheeses, like neufchatel cream cheese and shredded options made from skim milk. They will add plenty of flavor, without making you move your belt hole.

  7. It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here
  8. For many, Mexican food is synonymous with “spicy,” but few realize that making it even spicier can have a positive impact on their health, not to mention the flavor of their favorite dishes. According to Fitbie, a popular health and fitness website, adding chili peppers, like jalapenos or habaneros, may add a lot of flavor, but they add very few extra calories. Additionally, capsaicin, the compound responsible for giving chilis their kick, helps your body burn calories.

What tips do you use to trim your favorite recipes down? Share your delicious tips in the comments below! Find more on this here.

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