Naked Cakes are the Latest Wedding Cake Trend

Square wedding cakes

What’s the latest trend in unique wedding cakes? According to ABC News, it might be something you’ve never heard of before. Naked cakes are the new trend popping up across the country as a part of wedding day festivities.

Though the name might lead you to imagine scantily clad figures atop the cake, the reality is a bit more palatable — literally. Naked cakes are a departure from regular custom wedding cakes in that they lack any frosting on the outside. No heavy fondant or creamy buttercream whipped around the sides. Instead, the cake is in its “birthday suit” so that you can see the cake and creamy layers that normally would lay beneath.

Called an exposed-crumb finish or exposed-edge cake, this look is becoming popular with brides who request custom wedding cakes that are seasonal, and look more visually appetizing. As Andrea Boudewign, a cake store owner in Los Angeles, points out, though, it’s a “high risk” way to assemble a cake because without the frosting, the cake is very susceptible to drying out. Most wedding cake shops bake and assemble the cakes the day of the wedding in order to make sure they taste right. Still, many couples are willing to take the risk. “It’s very fashionable and stylish and delicious, frankly,” she says.

While these cakes might be simple, they’re no less special than more complicated cake styles. Many bakers keep their cakes unique through the fillings and top of the cake decorations, and use flowers and fruit to add an interesting and fresh touch. “I always recommend not putting sugar flowers or fondant on the top of the cake, because I want to choose elements that will add to the natural beauty of the cake,” says Alana Jones-Mann, a baker working in Brooklyn.

Exposed-edge custom made cakes can come in a variety of shapes, flavors, sizes and designs, but overall, there are a few things that tend to work best. Cake flavors that come out looking darker, like carrot or dulce de leche, will deliver that rustic appeal — unlike white traditional cake. For square wedding cakes, you might still be better off opting with frosting, because without it, your cake might start to look a little like a sandwich instead of a delicate creation.

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