What is Guacamole and How Do You Make it?

Guacamole recipes

What is guacamole? Classic guacamole recipes include avocados, onion, tomatoes, garlic, jalapeno, some sort of acid, usually a lime, and various spices. Some of these spices can include salt and pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper, and cilantro. If you are not sure what spices to use or you do not have the spices on hand you can also use a guacamole mix that you can just put in with the ingredients and it will flavor the guacamole for you. What is guacamole mix? Basically it has all of the dried ingredients to make your avocados taste like guacamole. Guacamole nutrition is not too bad. Avocados have fat in them but they are also good for you because the fat is a mono non-saturated fat. This makes them a healthy fat. They are also high in protein and in fiber. The rest of the ingredients are healthy for you and do not add in any fat.

If you want a spicy guacamole dip you only need to add more jalapeno or more cayenne pepper and you will have guacamole. You can even make two, one more spicy than the other in order to have two fresh guacamole dips. Many people will do this for parties, especially if they have people who are sensitive to too much heat. You can also play around with spices and try some different ones for a different flavor such as chili powder, chili oil, paprika, onion powder, and garlic powder. But that does not fully answer our question of what is guacamole.

So what is guacamole? Well, basically it is chunky or smooth depending on how much you mash the avocados and it can be mild or spicy. But to answer the basic question what is guacamole. It is a dip that people eat with tortilla chips. It can also be eaten with other types of chips, crackers, toasted bread, carrot sticks, rice, pita chips, and on top of baked potatoes. You can basically pair your guacamole with anything that you think would taste good. Some people eat it with scrambled eggs while others eat in on burgers. What is guacamole? Now you know. Good references here.

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