Quiz Test Your Golf Trvia IQ

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Are you a golfing pro? Or are you an amateur learning to play golf for the first time? Test your Golf IQ with this short quiz…


1. How many dimples are on a regulation sized golf ball?

2. What are the maximum number of clubs allowed in a player’s bag at once during a round of golf?

3. True or False: On average, men burn more than 450 calories when they play golf for an hour?

4. Your chances of hitting two holes in one in a single round are lower than your chances of winning the lottery.

5. What percentage of professional golfers are women?


1. If you pulled out a magnifying glass, you could count 336 dimples on your standard golf ball. English engineer William Taylor filed the first patent for a dimpled golf ball in 1905 when he realized the best balls traveled further in the air. Golf club events became widespread at the dawn of the 20th century, with more than 1,000 clubs across the nation.

Fun Fact: The most dimples ever stuffed on a ball? More than 1,000.

2. A player can only keep 14 clubs in their bag at once.

3. This trivia fact is true, but with one important caveat: you have to actually carry a golf bag yourself! If you do, then during an 18-hole round of golf you could end up walking up to five miles.

4. You’re actually about three times as likely to hit two holes in one in a single round than to win the lottery. Of course, that might depend on just how bad you are at golfing. Golf and math nerds estimate that your chances of a double hole in one are about 67 million to one against, whereas your chances of winning the Powerball Lottery are one in 175 million.

5. Women make up only 23% of professional golfers, although women’s golf is particularly popular in South Korea, where many of the Ladies Professional Golf Association’s top players were born.

So how did you do, are you an expert, or do you need to brush up on your golf news and trivia before you hit the links? Break out these facts at golf club events and impress everyone with your golf IQ. More research here.

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