Three Guacamole Tricks You Can Use to Make Great Guac

Guacomole dip

Fresh guacamole dips aren’t hard to make at all, but that doesn’t mean they all taste amazing. If you want to step up your guac game, use these tricks to master making fresh guacamole.

It’s All About the Ingredients.

One of the main reasons your fresh guacamole might not be quite as tasty as you hoped is in your ingredients. A basic guacamole recipe — mashed avocados, diced tomatoes, diced onions, and salt — isn’t bad, but guac is such a versatile dip. You can add all sorts of things to it to make it really amazing. For example, you can add such fresh guacamole ingredients as sour cream and ranch mix to make a ranch guacamole.

Be Careful About Overdoing It.

Fresh guacamole is a dip, yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to mash it all up so much that you can practically spread it with a nice. You want to make sure that there’s at least a little bit of texture in there. This is what adds the flavor. You only want to mix your guacamole so that the ingredients combine, not until it’s smooth. Basically, stop mixing it once it’s “chunky.”

Keep Leftover Fresh With Water.

The trouble with fresh guacamole is that it doesn’t stay that way for too long. After a little while, it starts to oxidize, and brown. Rather than letting your guac get gross, pour some water over it before you store it. This lets it refrigerate fine for as long as 24 hours. When you’re ready to dig in again, just pour the water off, and give it a stir. The guac doesn’t get soggy or water at all. The water will literally just pour off.

With these tips, you can become a guacamole master. Just make sure you add some tasty ingredients, don’t over do it, and keep it fresh.

If you have any questions, or know of any other tips, feel free to share in the comments.

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