Reclaimed wood is growing in popularity and saving the environment

The strongest and most durable furniture and structures are made from wood. Not only is it simply beautiful to look at but it has been around since the beginning of time and lasted through the years. Rustic wooden creations have been growing in popularity and continue to gain ground. Rustic wood siding can be used to create brand new furniture pieces that can be used for events, home decor, parties and more.

Reclaimed wood can be used to make tables and benches for weddings and parties. The look and style of these pieces is unique and nostalgic. By using reclaimed wood you are keeping tons of junk out of the landfills and giving the wood a whole new life. There were nearly 2.7 million tons of wood pallets recycled in 2015. Wood pallets have been used to create chairs, tables, shelves, and much more. Rustic wood siding has been re-purposed to create stunning decor for indoor use as well. There are a million different options you can choose from and you can customize them any way you need. You will be able to keep these event pieces as keepsakes and they will last for years to come, you can pass them onto your family members as the years go on.

Rustic wood siding makes a great starting point for any restaurant design. You can incorporate it into every aspect of the restaurant from flooring to tables, decor, and everything in between. Wood tabletops last for years and can be combined with any colour scheme you can think of. You can keep it simple or take it to the extreme but no matter what you choose the wood will accent any and all options. You can create chairs that will be some of the most sturdiest and long lasting chairs you can buy. You can accent the entire restaurant with wooden decor and accessories to match and suit your design.

Having custom built rustic furniture using rustic wood siding can be a rewarding experience. Not only will you have the most unique and beautiful pieces of furniture but you will feel great knowing that you kept a bunch of wood out of the landfill and gave it a whole new life.

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