Summer Is Here, and So Is Ice Cream Season!

Frozen yogurt spoons

The heat of summer is officially here, and that means ’tis the season for ice cream. Though this treat is popular and appropriate for any occasion, it deserves a celebration to truly ring in the season. So if you’re looking to have some summer fun with ice cream, here area few tips to help you plan the perfect ice cream party.

Buy Ice Cream

If you’re throwing an ice cream party, odds are you’ll need the product itself. However, determining flavors and how much to buy is a unique challenge in and of itself. The first thing you’re going to want to ask yourself: are you making it, buying it, or ordering it? Your answer may vary depending on how much time you have to prepare. Because folks can get chocolate or vanilla at their corner market, it’s fun to have a few outrageous or seasonal flavors in addition to the standards. About five flavors is a great start, with chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and a few more interesting selections if possible. If you love making homemade treats, you could plan for a week or two and freeze enough batches to go around. If store-bought suits you just fine, go wild!

Sundaes or Cones?

Now that you know what flavors you want, it’s time to pick a serving method. If you choose sundaes, you’ll want colored spoons, fun paper cups, and a whole lot of toppings. While you’ll need toppings for cones too, you may want more napkins in that scenario. Or if you choose both, you’ll be able to offer more variety to guests.


If you decide to go with sundaes, you’ll definitely need toppings. A good hot fudge, some caramel sauce, and a simple butterscotch are great choices. Having diced fresh fruit, especially at this time of year, is a great addition to any flavor. Other popular toppings include M and M’s, animal crackers, pretzels, granola, crushed oreos, and sliced almonds.

Don’t Forget to Decorate!

Ice cream screams fun and festive, and so should your decorations. However, simple can still be festive. Choosing a few colors as a base and working in patterns for table settings and cups from there will provide a fun, put-together look for your event.

Whether you’re throwing a tropical bash or a simple pool party, this frozen treat makes a great addition to any celebration, and certainly deserves a part of its own.

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