What Does Kanye Have To Do With Ice Cream? EVERYTHING

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What does rapper, fashion designer, and father Kanye West have to do with delicious frozen dessert foods?
Let us answer your question with a question: what does space have to do with stars?
Everything, my friend. Everything.
This June in New York City one foodie blog decided to pay tribute to Yeezy on his 38th birthday with Kanye West Ice Cream Week, which is exactly what it sounds like. It was actually the second year the event was held. In partnership with the Morgenstern’s ice cream shop, Kanye West Ice Cream Week brought delicious Kanye-themed flavors and colorful frozen dessert supplies to the world.
This year’s event featured Kanye flavors like:

  • “I AM A GOD” Ice Cream Croissantwich
  • The Bound 2 Banana Split
  • The Saint Shake (a raw milk ice cream shake for kids, because everyone deserves Kanye-flavored ice cream)

Why would anyone want to eat ice cream based loosely on the life and artistry of Kanye West? Well, as Kanye would say, BECAUSE KANYE IS A MOTHER FUDGING GENIUS RAPPER GENIUS ICON WHO LIKES DOPE THINGS AND ICE CREAM IS DOPE, LIKE KANYE, obviously.
While the Kanye West Ice Cream Week and associated frozen dessert supplies have become a trending topic this June, it’s not such a strange idea. A famous Hollywood milkshake company frequently teams up with B-list celebrities for flavors of the month.
Then there’s Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, which constantly features fun flavors and unique frozen dessert supplies based on celebrities. Most recently, Ben and Jerry’s created “The Tonight Dough,” featuring Jimmy Fallon from “The Tonight Show.”
If you think ice cream, gelato, fun colored spoons, and custom ice cream cups based on Kanye are crazy, then you won’t believe how many ingredients Fallon fit into a single ice cream flavor. The Tonight Dough takes frozen dessert supplies to a new level. It’s not so much a new flavor of ice cream as it’s three flavors of ice cream mixed together.
“It’s caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough AND peanut butter cookie dough.”
Cross your fingers that Ben and Jerry are in the process of signing Kanye right now.

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