The 3 Unique Garnishing Options You Never Thought of Before

Petite greens

When serving plates for dinner or parties, it can be difficult to find the right plate setting that looks great and tastes great as well. You should never skimp on making a plated meal look as best as possible. Many people may go the route of placing tasteless garnishes and sauce drizzles. This is quite ordinary and while these methods might work for fancying up a dish, there are more unique alternatives you may consider trying.

1. Microgreens

Microgreens are types of salad leaves that are more mature than sprouts and less mature than baby greens. Microgreens, as the name suggests, look like miniature versions of their adult version. They often include more stem or shoot in the entirety of the leaf, leading them to be referred to as confetti. These leaves will often have a strong flavor that can make it easy adding microgreens to salads. They make a beautiful and unique garnish around any type of dish. They can actually be combined with other garnishing options to give a high class restaurant style feel to your dish.

2. Edible Flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and appealing things on Earth. We grow up learning that they are not edible, however there are some that you can consume. Edible blossoms are a wonderful addition to any dish that can handle a pop of color. They make a beautiful and eye catching garnish than can please anybody served. There are over 100 types of garden flowers that can be consumed. Edible flowers are commonly added to salad dishes that need a softer touch, or to desserts such as cakes.

3. Herb Crystals

Crystals are certainly not a common choice for food decoration. Any flower, fruit, vegetable, or herb can be crystallized and added to a dish. Herb crystals can add a unique touch to any type of food dish, from meats to desserts. These crystals have amazing flavor that resembles the fresh crystallized version. Many people enjoy the crunch that herb crystals give to food, and they are often used as coatings. These herb crystals are often sweet in flavor, which makes a great topping for fruit salads or ice cream.

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